Month: April 2017

5 ways to leave a gift of life insurance for your family!

Ask anyone will you leave your Legacy when you will be no more, the answer will surely come yes, but what if you ask them that how you will accomplish such a tedious task before you go, the answer would be no idea how to accomplish it.

In this article you will read the five best ways to leave a legacy for your family, it could be your spouse or children. So if you are without life insurance you are not on the right track, a life insurance plan can change your and your family’s life.

Have a glance on the five ways how to gift your family when you will be no more around them:-

  • Be a cool uncle or aunt

Your nephew or nieces don’t need an insurance as they are dependent on their parents life insurance, so all the things are easily covered under that, but if you gift your nephew or niece a life insurance policy you would probably be a cool aunt or uncle in your family as they can cover their studies expenditure in the future.

  • Care for your family

You can leave a legacy before your family as a gift of life insurance policy, which will help your loved ones in the future if something unexpected happens. Life insurance as a legacy is a jewel to your family as it will help them in covering their expenditure.

  • College scholarship in your name

Another way to gift the legacy is to leave the insurance policy plan like the minimum amount is $25,000 and the amount sometimes may vary according to the college, if you are willing to do this you may contact the respective college and can complete the procedure.

  • Build a park or playground near your house

If you love your city and have surplus money and you are willing to do something for your city, you may proceed and give the amount to the respective state authority that can do this for you when you will not be around.

  • Leave a legacy to your favorite organization

You can choose the organization and you can gift an amount of money as a legacy to the organization which you love, one of the easiest ways to give the amount of money in charity you may go for the beneficiary policy plan.

If you are interested in the above-mentioned ways, you can consult with your insurer and may be procced with the life insurance policy.

Life Insurance- Terms are simple

This article is published under where you will able to find the best rates on the life insurance and all the term life insurance have been explained in detail for our customers so that they can understand easily.

Finding insurance at first glance could be tricky or a tedious task, that from where and which policy to purchase so that they save huge on their auto insurance policy, here are some of the simple terms through which your work will become much easier to understand:-

  • The life assured- Life assured is something under which the person who has purchased the insurance, like say for 50 lakhs, and if the person insured die then the nominee will receive the amount.
  • Premium- Premium is the amount of money which the insured person gives monthly, annually, quarterly or bilateral.
  • Policyholder- The policyholders are parents and the children are always the life insured, the parents usually take out the life insurance policy for their children.
  • Renewal- when the policy gets matured, you are always given the option for the renewal of the policy.
  • Grace period- Grace period is the period which is given for 30 days, sometimes people pay out other heavy expenses which are more important than the life insurance premium, for that insurer gives them a period which is known as a grace period.
  • The assured amount of sum- This is the amount of money which the beneficiary receive upon the death of the life insured, this amount is also known as claim amount.
  • The benefit to the survival- If the policy term overs, and you still survive, in this case, you receive a survival benefit, this means if you don’t die then you will surely receive the premium which you paid back with other benefits.

Life insurance is for those who have dependents the nominee receives the beneficiary amount either in installments or on whole, this will ensure that the dependent has some or the other source of income when the life insured Is no more, overall if you are not insured go and insure yourself to get the best quotes online you may visit to get the best plan online.